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Doggie Joggie is San Diego's premiere service for daily dog exercise, dog training, & pet care.

At Doggie Joggie, we provide everything your pet needs while you're away, from dog walking or running while you're at work, to overnight pet sitting, to daily cat check-ins while you're on vacation. 

We are proud to be San Diego's only service for daily dog running. We believe that a simple dog walk, while better than nothing, is not sufficient exercise for many dogs. Like humans, dogs need regular cardiovascular exercise to elevate their heart rate and maintain optimal health. Doggie Joggie specializes in fast paced exercise sessions tailored to each dog. We also incorporate mental “obedience breaks” within our exercise sessions to keep dogs mentally challenged and focused, which actually wears them out as much as physical exercise! We think of our exercise sessions as cross training for your dog, giving them much more than the opportunity to just go out and relieve themselves.

Recently we launched our very own dog & puppy training program run by our certified dog trainer Lindsey Schmitz. Our dog training philosophy focuses on a positive learning process through a praised-based reward system. We offer private training lessons, a board-and-train program, and group lessons. Visit our Dog Training page to learn more!

Our Services include:

Dog Walking
Dog Running
Dog Training
Leash Skills Training
Overnight Pet Sitting
Pet Sitting Daily Check-Ins
Pet Chauffeur
Poop Scooping


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