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Services & Rates

Please see below for a list of our services.

For The Non-Jog Dog!

The Doggie Joggie Dog Walk is a simple, low-impact, "around the block" walk, geared toward small dogs, senior dogs, young puppies, or any dog who just need to get outside, see the sights, and relieve themselves during the day. This is our most economical option for regular dog exercise.

These walks (and the rates below) are for clients who have a consistent, ongoing schedule. For occasional or temporary schedules, check out our Pet Sitting - Check in Visits below.


 # of Walks per Month

Price Per Walk (1 dog)

20 min 30 min 45 min 60 min
1-11 $26 $29 $33.50 $38
12-24 $24 $27 $31.50 $36
25+ $22 $25 $29.50 $34
Extra for each additional dog $2 $2 $3 $3
Our Signature Service

Does your doggo need more than just a walk? Doggie Joggie's signature Dog Jog is a premium service for daily dog exercise, and San Diego's original service that actually jogs your dog on leash! We of course give your pup some time to go potty and to get some sniffing in, but otherwise we keep things moving so we can cover as much ground as possible and leave pups truly tuckered out! This service is perfect for adult dogs in their physical prime who naturally love to run.


 # of Jogs per Week

Price Per Jog (1 dog)

20 min 30 min 45 min 60 min
1-2 $33 $37 $41.50 $47
3-5 $31 $35 $39.50 $45
6+ $29 $33 $37.50 $43
Extra for each additional dog $2 $2 $3 $4
Travel Worry-Free!

Our Pet Sitting Check-In Visits take care of everything your dogs & cats need while you are away, whether it be on an extended vacation, at work for the day, or out for the evening. Our team of loving, experienced Pet Sitters truly go above and beyond to remind your furry loved ones they are not alone, and to give you peace of mind while you are away!

We tailor our Pet Sitting Check-In Visits specifically to each client’s needs, and we are happy to allocate the time however you’d like us to. For example, in some cases when you are not out of town and feeding isn’t required, we might spend the whole time simply out walking a dog. However, typically this service includes:

For Dogs:
  • Walk (for as long as time allows)
  • Feeding and Fresh Water
  • Administering Meds/Supplements
  • Lots of Love and Affection
  • Email Update with Photos
For Cats:
  • Litterbox Cleaning & Disposal
  • Feeding and Fresh Water
  • Administering Meds/Supplements
  • Lots of Love and Affection
  • Email Update with Photos


Visit Length

Price Per Visit

Base Rate (Includes 1-2 Pets) Each Add'l Dog Each Add'l Cat
20 Minutes $26 $2 $1
30 Minutes $30 $3 $1.50
45 Minutes $34.50 $4 $2
60 Minutes $39 $5 $2

Extended/Hourly Care Rates:

Visit Length

Price Per Visit

Base Rate (Includes 1-2 Pets) Each Add'l Dog Each Add'l Cat
90 Minutes $50 $5 $2
2 Hours $62 $6 $2
3 Hours $87 $10 $2
4 Hours $108 $12 $2
5-8 Hours $25 / hr $2 / hr $2 / flat
Travel Worry-Free!

Doggie Joggie offers Overnight Visits in the client's home for dogs & cats. This is a wonderful, comprehensive option for ensuring your pets are well-cared-for while you are out of town, minimizing the disruption to their normal routine and maximizing their comfort and peace of mind. Our loving, experienced Pet Sitters sleep in your home and provide all the basic care plus companionship and attention throughout the evening and overnight. For your pets, this service is the next-best thing to you actually being there. Many clients will add on a Check-In Visit (see above) during the midday so dogs can get a midday walk in addition to the overnight care.

This service includes:

  • Evening Arrival between 7-8pm
  • Minimum of 12-hours in-home care
  • Evening & Morning Walk (20-30 minutes each)
  • Evening & Morning Feeding and Fresh Water
  • Evening & Morning Email Updates with Photos
  • Administering Meds/Supplements
  • Lots of Special Attention While You're Away
  • Litterbox Cleaning


Base Rate


Includes 1-2 Pets.
Extra Pets After 2nd Pet


for each extra dog


for each extra cat
Travel Worry Free!

Doggie Joggie offers 24-Hour Care in the client's home for dogs & cats. This is our most premium, “full-service” option for taking care of your pets while you are away, minimizing the amount of time your pet will be alone and maximizing comfort and peace of mind. With this option, your pet sitter essentially "moves in" to your home for the entire time that you are away. This service is ideal for pets who may have separation anxiety, need frequent potty breaks, or are used to someone being home all day and don’t do well by themselves for longer than a few hours.

How It Works

This service is built by starting with our Overnight Visit (explained above) to cover the nighttime from 7:00 PM - 7:00 AM, and we add on a Full Day Visit, which covers the daytime hours between 7:00 AM - 7:00 PM. The Full Day Visit is a flexible 12-hour visit, allowing for your Pet Sitter to leave the house at their discretion 1-2x per day for 3-4 hours max each time, for a maximum cumulative total of 6 hours. This allows the Pet Sitter to comfortably run errands, go to the gym, go to essential appointments, etc, while still being committed to spending as much time as possible in the home.


Base Rate (Includes 1-2 Pets)

Each Add'l Dog

Each Add'l Cat

Overnight Visit $89 $8 $3
Full Day Visit* $97 $8 $3
TOTAL PER 24 HOURS $186 $16 $6

*We prorate partial days up to 8 hours. Once we receive your actual arrival/departure times we can give you a more exact quote.

Ride Like a VIP!
Our Pet Chauffeur service provides safe, reliable transportation to and from your pet's appointments. We will take your dog to the groomer, vet, daycare, or just out for a cruise.

Base Fee (Applies to both one-way and round-trip excursions.):


Mileage Fee:


Waiting Fee:


Minimum Cost Per Trip:


Rates are 75% off for each additional pet.



There is an additional 50% surcharge for any service that begins on: New Years Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Easter, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and New Years Eve.

New Clients

For new clients, there is a minimum charge/retainer of $125.00. If the value of your initial request for services is less than $125.00, the surplus will be saved as a credit on your account and may be applied to future services.

Late Night Services

There is an additional $10.00 surcharge for any Check-In Visit that has a required arrival time after 9pm.