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Doggie Joggie was founded in 2013 by brother and sister Ali Meza & Sam Goodman in order to offer San Diego dog owners the vital service of providing dogs with the exercise they need to be healthy, happy, and balanced.

We believe that a leisurely dog walk, while beneficial, does not actually fulfill most dogs’ exercise needs. 

For many years the only commercial service providing exercise to dogs has been dog walking, and there are still many dog walking services that do just that. However, for most dogs a 20-30 minute walk is not sufficient to elevate their heart-rate for enough time to give them the health benefits they need.  Recent research has also shown that the importance of mental exercise has been vastly undervalued, and is equally important for dogs’ total well-being.

Doggie Joggie is proud to be a part of a new movement of pet professionals, trainers, and researchers who are re-visioning this narrative and promoting a new and higher “minimum requirement” for dogs' exercise needs.  We look beyond dog walking, and we specialize in providing holistic exercise sessions, which are a hybrid of dog walking, running, and mental work. These sessions emphasize dynamic changes in direction, speed, and route, combined with sporadic “obedience breaks” to continually stimulate the minds and challenge the bodies of our clients’ dogs.