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Dog Walker Certified

We are a "Certified Dog-Walker" (CDW) through dog*tec.

Dog walking is a fast-growing and entirely unregulated industry. Virtually anyone can hang a shingle and pronounce himself a professional dog walker. In this absence of quality control, it’s important to make sure the dog walker you choose is qualified to care for your dog. Through dog*tec we have been through an intensive training program that put emphasis on learning about Dog Behavior, Socialization, understanding and addressing risks, and ethical practices when dealing with dogs and running a business.

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Pet First-Aid Certified

When you hire a dog walker or pet sitter, you are entrusting the care and protection of your beloved pet to the person or company you have hired. Unfortunately, many people and companies who offer these services don't have the most basic training to know how to respond when your pet has been hurt or injured.

At Doggie Joggie, we make your pets' safety our #1 priority at all times and we recognize the value of becoming trained and certified in Pet First Aid. We are proud to say that all of our Pack Leaders have been trained and certified in Pet First Aid through the American Safety & Health Institute (ASHI). We are trained to recognize the signs of, and are prepared to deal with many common minor First-Aid issues, including bites, scrapes, & stings, as well as more serious emergencies such as dehydration or trauma-related injuries. When your pet is with us, they couldn't be in better hands!

Bonded & Insured

There are many specific risks inherent in pretty much any industry or professional service, and the Pet-Service industry it is no different. At Doggie Joggie, we do everything we can to maintain your pet's physical and emotional safety at all times. However, we are aware of all of the risks inherent in our profession and that sometimes unexpected things can happen in spite of the highest level of preparedness. In light of this, we have taken the further precaution of obtaining bonding and liability insurance through Kennel Pro, a company who specializes in Insurance for Pet-Care Professionals.

We do this to protect ourselves and to protect our clients. One more reason for you to rest assured when your pets are in our care!


Of course, the most valuable and telling credential of all is a rave review from an actual client!

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