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1)  Be Good To Dogs.

  • Our #1 priority is to keep dogs safe from physical or emotional injury at all times and in all circumstances.
  • Give dogs the physical exercise they need to live a long, healthy, happy life.
  • Give dogs the mental stimulation necessary for emotional balance by exposing them to sights and smells beyond their home environment, and by challenging them to focus through obedience exercises and strong, dynamic leadership.
  • Give dogs regular access to safe canine socialization by providing them with supervised opportunities to interact with a balanced pack.
  • Doggie Joggie is committed to only using positive reinforcement training techniques and only using humane equipment that does not choke, intimidate, harm, or traumatize dogs.

2)  Be Good To People.

  • Doggie Joggie is proud to hire independent contractors and provide jobs that encourage their health and wellbeing while providing flexibility, independence, real responsibility, and fair compensation.
  • Through dog walking and dog running, Doggie Joggie strives to restore and maintain harmony between dogs and their owners by ensuring that the dog’s physical and mental exercise needs are met. For all of the amazing benefits that we give to dogs, we know that their owners receive the most priceless benefit of all: a happy, healthy, balanced dog.

3)  Be Good To The Local Community.

  • Follow all local leash laws and waste-removal laws and strive to leave all areas cleaner than we found them. We want the greater San Diego community to sparkle and for our dogs to be model citizens.
  • Engage and partner with local pet businesses to grow and strengthen San Diego’s pet industry and its economy at large.
  • Support the amazing, noble, and essential work done by local non-profit Dog Rescues by volunteering time, resources, and partnership. A list of our favorite nonprofit rescues is coming soon!