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Pet Sitting in San Diego

Doggie Joggie’s San Diego pet sitters specialize in caring for dogs and cats while you’re away. We also have lots of experience caring for other types of pets, such as birds, fish, reptiles, and rodents.

When you travel, figuring out what to do with your pet can be daunting. In our experience, dogs and cats do best when their routine in their home environment is disrupted as little as possible. So even though you won’t be there, their schedule and surroundings will be familiar. This is why we don’t have a San Diego dog boarding facility, but rather we have a team of loving and professional pet sitters who will come to your house and care for your dog while you’re away. All of the pet sitters at Doggie Joggie are lifelong pet lovers, and we can’t help but bond with the pets that we care for. We know how to take care of pets, and we also consider it part of our job to make your dog feel loved and remind them that they are not alone. Moreover, we believe in excellent and frequent communication, and love to keep pet parents updated so they can have peace of mind and rest assured that their pets are happy and comfortable in our care.

Doggie Joggie provides three basic types of pet sitting services:

  • Check-In Visits

  • Overnight Visits

  • 24-Hour Care

To learn more about these different options please read more on our services & rates page, or contact us and we'd be happy to speak with you directly! Our pet sitters understand that they are often the only people in your house while you travel, so we make it a priority to look after your house, as well as your pets. We are happy to bring in the mail and packages, open and close blinds, leave lights on, and just keep an eye on your property in general. We strive to be excellent stewards of our clients’ spaces, and we like to leave spaces cleaner than we found them.


A: We always say “you know your pet better than we do.” So what type of personality does your dog have? Where does she sleep? If your dog doesn’t like being alone, and sleeps with you, then there is a good chance she will do the best with overnights. If she can’t hold it for 12 hours, or doesn’t have access to a yard, she should have a mid-day check-in visit in addition to the overnight. If your dog is independent and likes being alone, then you can probably get away with 2 or 3 check-in visits per day. Check-in visits are the most popular option if you only have cats.

A: We love it when doggie parents take a proactive role, informing us of their dogs needs and what works for them. We are happy to reinforce any work you've done with your dog. During the meet-and-greet, we will ask what commands your dog knows and make sure we are familiar with their routine. Our goal is for you to be happy and your dog to be comfortable and get their needs met, so each situation is a little different.

A: Each member of the Doggie Joggie team is an experienced dog & cat handler, and an excellent steward of our clients’ homes. Moreover, each Pet Sitter on our team is fully insured and bonded through Doggie Joggie’s policies. Before your trip, your pet sitter will come to your house for free to meet you, so you can see how your dog interacts with your sitter, and explain your dog’s routine. Most of the time, a backup pet sitter will come to the client meeting too. This way, in case of illness or emergency, your backup pet sitter will already be familiar with your dogs routine and needs. Ideally, your primary pet sitter (and their backup) live in your neighborhood. At Doggie Joggie, we have a very strict policy that you and your pet always have the opportunity to meet anyone who would be entering your house and handling your dog. We can usually accommodate specific requests regarding the gender of your dog-walker if your dog has a preference. You can check out bios of most of our pet sitters here.

A: After every visit, your pet sitter will email you an update on the visit, including photos. We keep an eye on weather, monitor water and food intake, energy level, and waste elimination so we can keep you updated while you are away. With your permission, we often post these photos on our Doggie Joggie instagram page.

A: Doggie Joggie’s #1 priority is safety. Many of our doggie clients have dog aggression, barrier frustration, socialization issues, leash reactivity, or are just divas. So our general practice is to avoid strangers (4 legs or 2) when we're out on our walks, and always stay on-leash.

A: Yes, Yes, and Yes. We are also Pet-CPR certified. These investments are important to protect our clients, their pets, and our staff. As part of our free introductory consultation, we will provide proof of this information. We advise you to always ask pet care providers for proof of bonding and insurance before allowing them to care for your pet. Reputable providers will be happy to oblige.

A: Each dog is different. Most of our dog walkers are not licensed dog trainers, but we do believe that dogs can be rehabilitated through proper training and reinforcement. We don't believe in "bad dogs". Depending on the details and severity of the aggression, we might request that you consult with a professional dog trainer to evaluate the situation and prepare a training plan to help your dog trust people. We will safely reinforce any routine that will help your dog be the happiest, most trusting version of herself. In rare situations we have respectfully declined to provide care for dogs if we have serious concerns about our Pet Sitters’ safety.

A: On a case-by-case basis, some of our Pet Sitters open their homes to provide pet sitting for clients whose homes aren’t an option, but staying in a sitter’s home is the only type of “boarding” we recommend for most dogs. Boarding facilities can be a good option for independent dogs who don’t need human companionship at night. In our experience, dogs who are used to sleeping with their humans can get confused and anxious, especially if the boarding facility puts them in a cage at night.

A: Safety is our top priority, so in general, we like to stay on-leash. But on a case-by-case basis, and only when everyone is comfy and trusts each other, we love to provide (legal) off-leash exercise or socialization at dog parks.

A: We proudly service the following areas: Carmel Valley, Clairemont, Coronado, Del Mar, Downtown, Hillcrest, Kensington, La Jolla, Little Italy, Linda Vista, Mission Beach, Mission Valley, Normal Heights, North Park, Ocean Beach, Pacific Beach, Point Loma, Sorrento Valley, South Park, University City, University Heights, & UTC