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Sam Goodman is Founder and Manager of Operations of Doggie Joggie. Throughout his life he has always found a special connection with all animals, and has always loved being outdoors. During his college career he walked and ran his professor’s retired greyhounds while attending Oberlin College. After graduating in 2009, he moved to Chicago, then to Seattle, and finally settled down in San Diego with his wife, Lisa.

Everywhere he has lived, Sam has always maintained a value-system of being a loyal, sincere and hardworking person, someone who loves the outdoors, loves adding value to people’s lives, and loves connecting with animals. So when he moved to San Diego, Sam recognized a need for a valuable service that provides dogs with exercise, and provides pets with caring and honest caretakers while their families are away on vacation or at work, and in 2013, he co-founded Doggie Joggie, Inc with his sister Ali. He is happy to continue helping to improve the lives of dogs and pet owners across San Diego County, and loves supporting them with great service and support to care for their furry family members.

Lauren Sander is a Manager of Operations and on the Doggie Joggie team. Hailing originally from Trier, Germany, she started working for Doggie Joggie as a pet sitter in 2015 when she was studying abroad at SDSU. Working as a pet sitter in America’s finest city was a dream come true for Lauren. She loved her job so much that she decided to move back to San Diego to work with Doggie Joggie after graduating from the University College of Freiburg in the summer of 2016. Doggie Joggie was excited to have her back on the team and Lauren still couldn’t imagine a better job! Lauren is caring, generous, sweet, and sincere and she gives her everything to the pets in her care, always going above and beyond. Lauren will drive across town to take care of a dog simply because she loves to spend as much time as possible with our pack. She thinks of dogs as ‘the better humans’ and a tiny part of her believes that she is part dog herself. Lauren’s clients know as well as we do, working with her is a true blessing!


Ellen Brinkmann Dog Walker, Runner

Ever since she can remember, Ellen has always been around and loved animals. Her family’s array of pets growing up included dogs, guinea pigs, fish, and parakeets. Her mother taught her a lot about how to love and care for them and how to be sensitive their body language. Ellen first started pet sitting when she was in elementary school, when her neighbors would go on vacation she would care for their dogs and cats. Originally from St. Louis, Ellen moved to San Diego in 2016 and one of the things she misses most is her beloved golden retrievers back at home. Ellen finished up her College studies with a degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders, and she works during the day as an Audiology assistant. When she’s not at her day job, or working for Doggie Joggie, she can be found hiking, and going on runs/jogs along the beach, and pretty much anything else that involves being outside.

Madison Blades Dog Walker/Runner, Pet Sitter

Born and raised in San Diego and is currently residing in the College area, Madison is a recent graduate from San Diego State University with a BA in Curatorial Design and Museum Studies. Madison has a wonderful dog named Scooter whom she rescued in 2011 from the shelter and he is the most perfect little guy anyone could ask for. She also have a boy cat named Penelope, whom she’s had had since the day he was born, 10 years ago. When Madison is not spending time with her animal children or those of her clients, she is working alongside her boyfriend and co­owner of their screen printing company, fulfilling Etsy orders, or traveling with friends.

Kate Slaughter Dog walker/pet sitter

Kate was born and raised on the picturesque central coast of California. Having multiple dogs around the house since birth, she grew up with love and respect for all her furry friends, considering them a key component to happy families. In being part of the Doggie Joggie team, she is excited to fill the holes in her heart left by being away from her family's beloved puppies, Cooper (pictured) and Gracie, while maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle. Kate is pursuing a degree in marine biology at UCSD and spends her free time at the beach or experimenting with plant-based cooking recipes.

Simon Salazar Dog walker/pet sitter

Simon grew up in Colombia and moved to sunny San Diego about a year ago. He fell in love with this City when he came to visit for a surf competition a few years back and decided to move here for good. When he is not surfing, or travelling to compete elsewhere around the world, he can be found teaching surf lessons or shaping surfboards. Otherwise, he is following his other passion which is spending as much time as possible with his furry dog friends. He has a special way to connect with dogs and it is impressive to see how every dog he meets will fall head over heels in love with him. He grew up taking care of his beloved dog Juanita, and knows what it means to take good care of a furry family member, and he takes care of other dogs as if they were his own.

Jessica Ordon Dog Runner Walker

Jessica Ordon grew up in Orlando, Florida in a house full of animals– dogs, cats, fish, birds, and lots of kids, of course. She moved to San Diego in 2011 and can't imagine a better place to call home. A woman of many interests and talents, Jessica holds a B.A. and M.A. in Theatre Arts, but is also a teacher, a writer, a baker, a runner, and social media guru. She worked for a time at the Original Paw Pleasers as a cookie decorator and baker, where her favorite part of the job was delighting canine customers with peanut butter frosting. Jessica currently works as a teaching artist with Playwrights Project, in addition to freelancing as a script consultant in the local theatre scene and managing social media for Arts Alive SDSU.

Dog Walker, Pet Sitter

Alison grew up in Long Island NY, with lots of dogs and cats in her life. She attended Baruch College in Manhattan, getting her degree in English Literature in 2011. She has always and frequently been sought out by friends and acquaintances for dog and cat sitting, and has even been called a “dog whisperer” of sorts. So she became a professional dog walker/pet sitter while doing freelance editing in Brooklyn. She has worked with various nonprofits, including writing for Brooklyn Animal Action, a very popular no-kill shelter and animal rights organization. She is a strong supporter of the ASPCA and a major advocate for the care and adoption of mixed breeds and mutts. Eventually she made her way out to the west coast to be closer to family, and she plans on going back to school at SDSU to become a veterinary technician. When she’s not snuggling dogs and cats, she enjoys reading, bike riding, and playing softball.

Dog Walker, Pet Sitter

Alexiss is a SoCal native, permanently residing in La Jolla while she attends UC San Diego, majoring in Neuroscience and minoring in Philosophy. She is very involved at her school, from being an NCAA athlete to participating in women’s leadership programs to working as a bookseller at her school bookstore. She is absolutely in love with every dog she comes across, and is fascinated with pretty much every animal. She has rescued and cared for many dogs and kittens, and has been the owner of gerbils, birds, fish, and reptiles. She can hang with the energetic, big dogs, or lay low with the calm, small dogs. She spends some time almost every day in the ocean, either surfing, swimming, or just enjoying the view. She has worked several camps for children, and currently volunteers as a teacher in her church’s kids ministry. She is excited to meet your amazing pets!

Courtney Odou Dog Walker/Runner, Pet Sitter

Courtney is a fun loving animal enthusiast born and raised in San Diego. Since a very young age Courtney has been obsessed with animals and caring for them. Though she didn’t have dogs growing up (family allergy) she did care for some very unusual pets! Her first pet was her beloved leopard gecko named Godzilla who was gifted to her when she was 8 years old. Godzilla just turned 17 last year and is still going strong today. A few of her other odd pets have included tarantulas and even cockroaches! When she’s not hanging out with her creepy crawlies she often pet sits for friends making sure she treats each animal as if it was her own. Her favorite hobby is taking long hikes with her best friend and her dog (a husky samoyed mix named Leia) through San Diego’s beautiful nature spots. For the last year she has volunteered at Helen Woodward and loves the opportunity to give animals who need homes lots of love and attention. Someday she hopes to be in a position where she can bring a shelter dog home with her, but until then she’s content to spend time with other people’s pets and give them all the love she has! Courtney is a fantastic fit for a pet sitter/ dog walker and cant wait to meet you and your four legged companion!

Dog Walker, Pet sitter

Maddie is a San Diego native who has always been surrounded by animals and has loved every second of it. She has owned everything from hamsters and rabbits to hermit crabs and currently lives with 4 cats, a dog, and an aquatic turtle. Animals have always had a large spot in heart and as a child she was always the one to convince her mother to bring another animal into their family. She currently attends San Diego State and is majoring in Sociology which she hopes to use to help her effect the positive change that she wants to see in the world. It's important to her to show kindness to and care for all living beings. She loves hiking (as shown above), reading, dancing, and getting to know all the furry friends she can. She's so happy to be a part of the Doggie Joggie team and looks forward to befriending your pets.

Dog Walker, Pet sitter

Alex was born in Illinois and has a vast background of working with a variety of animals. As a kid, he moved a lot among the states up and down the east coast. No matter where he ended up, he was always near different animals, volunteering for neighbors and farms. These animals varied from your common household pets to farm animals such as chickens, sheep, and goats, and extends to encompass exotic animals such as chinchillas, and reptiles. After pursuing a career in professional baseball, Alex reignited his love for animals when he moved to San Diego in 2015. Bringing his experience from his youth he has an ability to connect to animals and brings a positive, friendly atmosphere wherever he goes. When not studying for his degree in business, he can be found at the beaches, parks, or anywhere where there is nature. As an animal lover at heart Alex always welcomes the opportunity to meet and care for new pets and care for them as though they're his own.

Lisa Frank Pet Sitter

Lisa Frank has been involved with Doggie Joggie from the very beginning (happily married to Sam, Doggie Joggie's Owner) and primarily as our official photographer but also as a Pack Leader and Pet Sitter. She has a Master's Degree from UC San Diego, is a certified Yoga Instructor, and is currently studying to get her real estate license. In her spare time, she loves exploring the great outdoors, hiking, DIY projects and reading. Lisa grew up on a farm in rural Michigan, and throughout her childhood she was constantly surrounded by all types of pets and animals, from dogs & cats to pigs & peacocks! Whether she's behind the lens or holding the leash, she adorably falls in love with each new furry client she meets, and is always adding a new breed to her "crush list."

Lisa's natural ability to connect with both pets and people, along with her passion for fitness and holistic living, makes Lisa an invaluable member of the Doggie Joggie team.

Demyan Drury Dog Walker, Pet Sitter

Demyan is an east coast transplant, originally hailing from Northern Virginia. He grew up riding horses and lived in a cat home all his life. After spending a few years here and a few years back at home taking care of his family, he returned to San Diego and currently lives in University Heights with his girlfriend and furry ball of cat love named Princess Jasmine (pictured). Demyan has multiple years of experience working professionally as an attendant and bather in a high-volume kennel, so he is a natural with pets of all types, and his experience makes him a perfect fit on the Doggie Joggie team.

Having spent a number of years playing drums at a semiprofessional level, he now has his sights set on becoming a Radiation Technician. Care and attentiveness towards others, both people and pets alike, has played a major role in his career path decision, and he is thrilled at the opportunity to work for Doggie Joggie as he works toward his goal.

Nikki Gulck Dog Walker, Pet Sitter

Nikki is a native of Southern California and graduated from UCLA (Go Bruins!). After college, Nikki adventured to the Pacific Northwest, where she enjoyed backpacking, kayaking, gardening and raising chickens (They act like puppies!). Nikki is currently training to be an English International.

Nikki has been happily surrounded by animals her entire life. She grew up with a Springer Spaniel at her side and a tabby cat curled at her feet. In her adult life, Nikki has been the proud mama of a devoted French Bulldog rescue named Zig and a tenacious 3­legged cat named Elliott. Nikki exudes love and affection for all animals and is a natural at understanding and tending to their needs. She keeps an intuitive, attentive eye on all pets in her care and always showers them with love and energy.

Jared Gunn Dog Walker, Pet Sitter

Jared is originally from the great state of Wisconsin and has had a ton of experience with animals outdoors. He now lives in the UTC area of San Diego and is pursuing his B.S. in biochemistry at UCSD. Jared always had a passion for pets growing up, as his house was always filled with different breeds of cats and dogs. His first dog was a cute (but crazy) Jack Russell that he had through high school. Having experience with those “high energy” breeds, Jared is especially fond of bull terriers and dalmatians, and can’t wait to have his own dog after her graduates. In his free time, Jared enjoys playing baseball, hiking, going to the beach, and exploring San Diego. Jared is very comfortable around even the most rambunctious dogs, and is great at getting them to warm up to him. His favorite dog is any that will play fetch with him!

Andrea Llerandi Dog Walker, Pet Sitter

Andrea-LlerandiAndrea was born in Venezuela and grew up in a house full of animals - her family includes 2 dogs, 3 rescued cats, 2 tortoises, and 2 parrots that sing the Venezuelan national anthem. One of her dogs “Titan” (pictured above) got sick and lost the ability to walk when he was just a puppy and spent almost 4 months at the vet. The vet couldn't figure out what was wrong with him but Andrea refused to let him go, and started to treat him with some alternative medicine and he started to slowly regain his strength and ability to walk again. Afterwards, he followed Andrea everywhere - they would hike, go to the beach, go grocery shopping, or he would just run next to her when she biked to a friend's house. They were truly inseparable. A year ago Andrea decided to move to the US in search of a better future and she had to leave her dog with my parents. Since then she felt something was missing, so she started volunteering to take care of friends’ and even neighbors’ pets. So it was a natural step for her to join the Doggie Joggie team and we are blessed to have her!

Dog Walker, Pet Sitter

Beata is originally from Hungary, where she lived for 7 years before moving to Boston, Massachusetts and eventually, at age 8, San Diego, where family has remained since. In Hungary, she was constantly surrounded by animals, ranging from dogs, cats, chickens/other farm animals, various reptiles/amphibians, a hedgehog, and horses, which she had been riding and handling from a very young age. After she moved to San Diego, her family adopted cats and she currently has 3, Arlene, Thomas and Tully (above). Beata has always had a deep connection with all animals, and was considering veterinary school before settling on environmental engineering and fine arts/design. She loves hiking and adventuring, as well as relaxing strolls and hanging out at parks. Basically any activity that will get her out of the house and moving is right up her ally. She is so thrilled to be a part of the Doggie Joggie team and is so excited to get to know you and your beloved pets!

Dog Walker, Pet Sitter

John is an animal lover who grew up in the woods of Vermont. As a child, his uncle owned a dog kennel, which specialized in training German Shepherds for the police force, and he remembers spending lots of time there surrounded by dogs and witnessing the training routines. He moved to California in 2007 to escape the cold winters of New England, and he has been happy in San Diego ever since. He currently volunteers at the Humane Society and is aspiring to become a dog trainer. He is a very active person who love all things board-sport related and of course dogs!!

James Lanham Dog Walker/Runner, Pet Sitter

Born in the Bay Area and raised in the Sacramento area, James is currently a sophomore at UCSD working on a bachelor's degree in political science. James has two dogs back home, Butch and Manny, who are the goofiest, smartest mutts around. He has been passionate about animals since he was a little boy and loves personally connecting with dogs and seeing them happy. James raised Butch, a 10 year old German Shepard/Lab mix, from an 8-week old puppy to the man he is today and is like the brother he never had. Outside of animals, James loves writing, traveling, going to the beach and basketball.

Michael Reed Dog Walker, Runner

Michael is a sociable, sincere connector to humans and animals alike, who prides himself on his intuitive nature and sensible leadership skills. After spending the first half of his life in San Francisco, Michael and his family moved to the San Diego Area when he was a teenager, and has happily lived here ever since. Michael is fun, loving, positive and detail oriented in everyday life and he brings these qualities to bear every time he is caring for a furry friend. He is a professional musician and a recording engineer, and when he isn’t working for Doggie Joggie he can probably be found working on a music project. Otherwise, he is probably enjoying the outdoors somewhere or spending time with his roommate’s two dogs Archie & Yuki (pictured).

Erin Rayner Dog walker/pet sitter

Erin grew up in North Carolina, but moved to San Diego in 2015 to experience new adventures and especially to enjoy her hobby of hiking. Erin's family has 4 dogs, but moving out here she had to say goodbye to her fur babies, and she misses them every day. Working with Doggie Joggie is the perfect way for Erin to satisfy her love for animals. For her there is truly nothing better than having a furry friend by her side and she takes care of all of her clients’ pets as if they were her own.
When she’s not working for Doggie Joggie, Erin can generally be found exploring new hiking spots in and around San Diego.

Liam Flumian Dog Runner, Pet Sitter

Liam was born in Russia and adopted by a family in Virginia when he was eight. Since he was new to America, his parents got him a Golden Retriever, Fred, and a Brown and Black Somali Cat, Buddy, so he would have some immediate friends that didn’t need to speak the same language to communicate with him. Buddy and Fred were the kindest souls, and were always by Liam’s side as he grew up. Sadly, Fred and Buddy eventually passed away, and Liam’s family moved to California, where they got a Saint Bernard puppy, so tiny he could barely see her eyes behind the ball of fur. They named her Bonnie, and Liam knew he had found the cutest puppy in the world. Bonnie soon grew big enough to give Liam’s little brother rides around the house. In six years she weighed 200 pounds. Because she was so strong and energetic, Liam, as the older sibling, took responsibility for walking and running around the beach with her. Bonnie had a great West Coast life. She passed away in the summer of 2015, leaving Liam with a St. Bernard sized hole in his heart, looking for any opportunity for canine companionship. Liam is a very outdoorsy person, so in his spare time, he loves to take dogs on hikes, stand up paddleboards, biking trails, longboard rides, and even kayaking. So being a dog walker and dog runner is the perfect fit for Liam, and Doggie Joggie is lucky to have him!

Linnea Grigg Dog walker, Pet Sitter

Linnea is a self-proclaimed "crazy dog lady". Growing up, her extended family members always had rescue dogs -- three legged dogs, dogs with health problems, and dogs with a host of usually "undesirable" behavioral qualities found their homes with her family members. She learned from a young age that every dog can thrive with love, attention, and a little patience. She wanted a dog of her own ever since she was a kid, but never was able to until 2009, when her then-boyfriend, now husband, and she adopted their first dog, Zackary and their second dog Johnny (pictured) a few months later. They have been a happy family of 4 ever since. She has an ever-growing list of dog breeds that I would like to own someday, and hope to eventually move to a large enough property to allow me to advance through my list more quickly! When not fussing over my dogs (or other people's dogs!), she love being outdoors, taking pictures, and making beautiful things. Every room in her house is a different color, and she loves to create (clothes, jewelry, you name it). She’s so excited to be working for Doggie Joggie, and Doggie Joggie is lucky to have her on the team.

Stephanie Tumay Dog Runner, Pet Sitter

Stephanie was born and raised in San Diego and has had a love for animals for as long as she can remember. She grew up with cats, fish, and a turtle and when she rescued Rascal, an orange tabby (pictured), at a Girl Scout camp in 2006, her home became even fuller. Around five years later, her family adopted another tabby and since then, the two kitties have been inseparable. Stephanie also loves dogs and puppies and always been her family’s go-to pet sitter. Currently in the midst of her undergraduate studies, Stephanie is focusing on marine science here in San Diego. While she is not living the dream and working with animals, she is either at Jazzercise, Del Mar Beach, or Board and Brew enjoying a sandwich. Stephanie spent the past two years rowing and coxing for San Diego Rowing Club where she found a sport that changed her life. Being outside and on the move is of paramount importance to her, especially when she is surrounded by the ones she loves. Bonus points if it’s near the ocean!

Jenny Seneor Dog Runner, Pet Sitter

Jenny is a native of Southern California and graduated from UCLA, and currently attends San Diego State University for her Masters in Social Work. Jenny not only has great love and concern for people but also for all animals. Jenny is often described as an animal lover and finds great joy in being around and taking care of animals. Jenny has been surrounded by animals her entire life: dogs, cats, hamsters, and even rats. Jenny and her partner Nikki are hoping to adopt a Springer Spaniel into their family very soon! Her biggest dream is to one day own a pet pig. Jenny is bursting in love and affection for all animals and is a natural for ensuring that all the animals she is with receive great care. She finds great joy in showering them with love and feels lucky that this job is exactly what she would be doing in her free time! When Jenny is not working with children as a social worker in Graduate School or hanging out with adorable cats and dogs for Doggie Joggie, she is backpacking, hiking, reading, gardening, or writing. Jenny is pictured in the bio with her sister’s dog Sherlock. Ask Jenny sometime about how Sherlock survived a 100 foot fall from a cliff! Jenny has been working for Doggie Joggie for 3 years and can’t wait to meet your furry family members!

Emma Dutreilly Dog Runner, Pet Sitter

Emma grew up in Paris with animals of all kinds… dogs, cats, hamsters, birds, turtles, the whole lot, until she moved to the South West of France to apprentice and learn how to be a horse trainer. In 2007, Emma adopted a border collie named Caïd, which kickstarted her passion for working breeds and their activities (agility, obedience, flyball, canicross, etc.). Emma rescued a second border collie, Snow, who was born deaf, which required her to spend a lot of time developing special training with sign language. Emma wanted to help other people by sharing what she had learned and developed, so she started volunteering at a dog center in France to help people train their dogs. She arrived in San Diego in 2014 from, France to continue her studies at the San Diego University for Integrative Studies, where she’s pursuing a certificate program in Leadership Coaching. Extremely intuitive, Emma always gives 110% to the dogs and cats in her care, giving them love, affection, and patience. We are lucky to have Emma’s expertise in the Doggie Joggie pack!

Dog Walker, Pet Sitter

MaryAnn Klima is a southern California native and is semi-retired after a career of 35 years in finance and interior design. She has been happily married for 33 years and has two grown boys. Her love of pets started when she was a child where her home always had at least one cat and often fish, salamanders, and frogs. When she married and had her boys they added their adorable dachshund, Lacey, as another member of their family for 12 years. They also loved mice, guinea pigs, and rabbits along the way. MaryAnn currently volunteers at the San Diego Humane Society and the Old Globe Theater. In her spare time she enjoys birding, yoga, and making jewelry.

Dog Walker, Pet Sitter

Rachel was born and raised in a small suburb outside of foggy San Francisco. She grew up always wanting a dog -- a golden retriever to be specific. Unfortunately, her childhood dream of owning a golden retriever was never fulfilled, so she filled this void by seeking out pet sitting and dog walking opportunities in order to spend time with her furry friends. Luckily, she found a golden retriever in need of a pet sitter! After leaving for college, Rachel’s family adopted an adorable rescue dog named Cooper. Now, when Rachel returns home for school breaks, she is greeted with love from Cooper, and time spent with Cooper are the highlights of her visits home. Since Cooper is almost 500 miles away, Rachel is looking forward to meeting and caring for animals in the San Diego Area. When she is not chasing after dogs, Rachel is studying Neuroscience and Physiology at UC San Diego. As study breaks, she likes running on the beach (with or without dogs), doing yoga, and enjoying the outdoors, animals, and anything nature has to offer! She always loves welcoming more animals into her life being on the Doggie Joggie team.

Dog Walker, Pet Sitter

Carly was an animal-lover from an early age. In fact, one of her first career aspirations was to be a veterinarian, until she learned how little she loved science compared to animals. Growing up in rural Iowa, Carly had several cats, and always visited friends’ and neighbors’ dogs, ferrets, horses, cows, anything on four legs! After moving to Southern California for college, Carly fell in love with the (dog) beaches, people, weather, and culture. She has been in San Diego for about 5 years and just embarked on a Master’s in Social Work program at SDSU. Between her day jobs helping people, Carly has always jumped on the opportunity to care for family and friends’ “furry children.” She couldn’t think of a better way to spend her free time and feels honored whenever she is able to ensure these important family members are happy, healthy, and loved. Carly is thrilled to be a part of the Doggie Joggie team, and can’t wait to meet more fun and loveable pups!

Dog Walker, Pet Sitter

Lucas is a San Diego native who couldn’t imagine going anywhere else for college, so he decided to attend UCSD, where he is working towards his degree in nanoengineering. Growing up with his toy poodle Felix, Lucas naturally learned what it’s like to take care of a pet and is excited to apply his experience and knowledge as a Doggie Joggie pack leader. He truly enjoys connecting with and spending time with his dog friend and his favorite dogs are the most playful ones. When he is not studying or taking care of Doggie Joggie clients, Lucas likes to play soccer, hike, and generally be outdoors as much as possible. He is also a certified scuba diver and loves to go for a dive in his free time. Lucas does not only have a lot of of love to give to animals but also to humans and he is proud of the time he gives volunteering for the homeless charter on campus. We are excited to have him on our team!