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Sam Goodman is Founder and General Manager of Doggie Joggie. Throughout his life he has always found a special connection with all animals, and has always loved being outdoors. During his college career he walked and ran his professor’s retired greyhounds while attending Oberlin College. After graduating in 2009, he moved to Chicago, then to Seattle, and finally settled down in San Diego with his wife, Lisa.

Everywhere he has lived, Sam has always maintained a value-system of being a loyal, sincere and hardworking person, someone who loves the outdoors, loves adding value to people’s lives, and loves connecting with animals. So when he moved to San Diego, Sam recognized a need for a valuable service that provides dogs with exercise, and provides pets with caring and honest caretakers while their families are away on vacation or at work, and in 2013, he co-founded Doggie Joggie, Inc with his sister Ali. He is happy to continue helping to improve the lives of dogs and pet owners across San Diego County, and loves supporting them with great service and support to care for their furry family members.