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Top 5 Dog Friendly Craft Beer Bars in North Park, San Diego

Posted on 11/29/2014 by Ali Meza

Being a San Diego dog walker or dog runner is pretty much the best job in the world. The San Diego weather is 75 and sunny most of the time, so it's always lovely to take a stroll. Plus, our our dog walkers and runners are constantly moving – working up a sweat and burning those calories (which makes it much easier to justify drinking so much). At the same time, we are constantly exploring our favorite San Diego neighborhoods on foot with our dog pack by our side. We definitely notice when a new bar or restaurant pops up, and we especially appreciate when there's a bowl of water outside for our pack. We visit these dog friendly bars in San Diego during our routes, and of course we circle back with our own dogs when we're off the clock. Because what’s better than a cold glass at your lips and a cold nose on your leg? Nothing, that’s what.

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