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Top 5 DIY Costumes For Dogs

Posted on 10/23/2014 by Ali Meza in Pepe top 5 DIY holiday

We can all agree that Halloween is pretty much the best holiday, and dogs are pretty much the best animal. Right? Right. Whether it’s low-key or super elaborate, how can you go wrong with a dressed-up dog? If you’re still looking for costume ideas, we’ve rounded up our top 5 favorite Halloween costumes for dogs this year. Some are low-key, some are pretty elaborate, but here are some cheap and easy DIY costumes your dog will love:

Beanie Baby

[photo source] 

This is a really simple and cheap costume to make. Cut up some red and white felt, and tie it to your dog’s collar. Especially recommended for dogs so fluffy they get mistaken for stuffed animals. 


Couples Costume: Daenerys & Her Dragon


[photo source]  

Looking for couples costumes? I have no idea how to make the Khaleesi’s, but for the little dragon, you can make some wings pretty easily with wire and felt and attach them to your dog’s harness of the same color. Make sure he doesn’t fly away or torch any unsullied slave masters! 



[photo source (via petsadviser)] 

When life hands you lemons, make a ...lemon drop? If your dog is in recovery mode, tell her to turn that frown upside down. She can still get dressed up and camouflage that cone of shame! Just get a dowel, some styrofoam balls, green and red paint, and she’s a classic drink. Like your martinis extra dirty? Good, because your dog probably just rolled in poo. You’re welcome. 



[photo source]

Aye Chihuahua! I’m pretty sure this will be Pepe’s costume this Halloween. It’s also ridiculously easy to make... just cut some fringe into different colored strips of crepe paper or streamers, and hot glue them to a dog sweater. Vamanos! 


Star Wars Group Costumes

[photo source]  

Leia, an ewok, and Vader? You wouldn’t expect to see those three hanging out, but let’s go with it, because STAR WARS! Perfect for a little dog pack in need of group DIY costumes. This one is a little more complicated to make, but if you’re crafty and have a little time, may the force of Halloween be with you. I can just imagine their conversation now... 


Leia: Dang. None of my cute guy friends are into cosplay. I hate dressing up Solo. 

Darth: You’re not the only one dressing up, we R2! 

Leia: I said cute guys. Speaking of which, stop humping me! You’re my brother! 

Darth: No, I am your father. Ha! 

Ewok: The lady Darth protest too much, methinks. Anyway, enough about your problems, I’m the one who should be panakin… Mom’s gonna be really mad when she finds the storm pooper I did on her rug. I didn’t even try to use the potty Padme... 

Leia: Poo or poo not, there is no try. 

Darth: Eh, sith happens. 


Aaaaaaaand scene. That dialogue right there is better than anything in Star Wars Episodes 1, 2, or 3. Boom. 


Wrecking Ball for Miley Cyrus Costume

[photo source]

Maybe the reference is a little old now, but it’s still extremely adorable and came in like a wrecking ball  took me by surprise. I especially love that the costume has a leash built into it! Brilliant. I'm not sure how to make this one, but it probably involves a dad’s achy broken heart.

Guess what? There were actually six halloween costume ideas in this blog. Between that, and the riveting Star Wars dialogue, I think my job here is done.

Will your dog be in costume this Halloween? Leave a comment if you have any good ideas!